Clean Air System roasting method


The quality of our coffee is of fundamental importance, because we care about the health of our customers and the ecological sustainability. We use cutting-edge means of roasting, which retain the nutritional properties of the coffee beans and, at the same time, respect the environment by ensuring the highest quality and health of the final product.
The Clean Air System roasting method allows to avoid the direct contact between the green coffee beans and the heat source, eliminating the risk of combustion which is harmful for the consumer and promoting uniformity of roasting for a more intense flavour. Our customers can choose among four different types of mixtures:


  • Black: loading and intense flavor

  • Platinum: better quality, unmistakable flavor

  • Gold: High intensity, rich and enveloping flavour

  • Dek: light but full of flavour and aroma 


Only a careful selection of green coffee beans can guarantee the quality of the product, in fact such mixtures include up to six different types of coffee from Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Jamaica , Ethiopia and Tanzania.
The goal of Caffè Milano has always been to offer its customers a high quality coffee.


We also have practical and elegant coffee machines, which provide a high performance, in order to ensure all the flavour and aroma of coffee.


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